19 March 2007

Working on at the moment...aside from looking for the camera!

Afternoon all.
I was looking in vain for my camera, thought it would be nice to show off some of my made while watching CI projects, but alas, I cannot find it yet, so I will settle for description of latest project as today's contribution. (By the way, hello to new members! This is turning into a lovely little cyber-corner!)
As I mentioned in my first post, I love Counted Cross Stitch, and unlike sane people, I find it relaxing too! I'm in the final stages of yet another of the Kats by Kelly series published by Calico Crossroads. As the owner of a very handsome black cat, I have completed about a dozen of this series, and have about twenty more waiting to be done. The last one, which is nearly completed, is titled; Hangin' Out. This is a Christmas theme, of the black cat hanging off a branch of the Christmas tree, and looking rather surprised to cause a ruckus. I'm starting early this year...no kidding eh? I had wanted to have any Christmas presents done before the summer, so that I could get back to working on my own epic Christmas project, Spirit of Christmas by Sandy Bergeron, published by Candamar Designs. I've got to the actual ready to begin stitching the design stage with Spirit of Christmas, and it's on the frame, ready to go, I just wanted to do at least half of the to be gifted projects before I began, and when I finish this one today, I shall leap into my "for me" project.
The new kit that I was given by my Boy Toy for my birthday is sitting on the top of my stash right now, taunting me. You see, this kit, which is beautiful, I must say, is a Dimensions Stamped Cross Stitch project. It's called A Season for Everything by Karen Avery. The thing is, I've never done a stamped cross stitch before! I know, I know, I've done embroidery, I've done counted, this is kinda like both, and I should have no trouble, right? That's what I keep telling myself, but since this is the first one I'll be attempting, I'm looking at it warily! The design is stamped on white sailcloth, which will also be a first. Linen, Aida, silk, no worries, this sailcloth...I'm in a cold sweat! I don't know if other crafters feel like this when they're doing a new craft, which is closely related to their favourite craft? I think if it were totally different, I'd feel less worried about screwing it up, to be honest. When I made bobbin lace for the first time I was much less nervous, and it's difficult, but I think because I didn't have a track record, I was less worried about making a mess! Any advice would be welcome. I'm not even sure about putting it on my frame, or using the hoop? I can put off this anyway, until Spirit of Christmas is done, but considering the clip I stitch at, this won't be too long. Ah well, if nothing else, it keeps me on my toes! Thanks for giving me a place to vent!


Kristina said...

Hi Mari:

as a crafter who is apprehensive when trying something off the beaten path, I can assure you that you are not alone in this regard. For me there is some ego involved: I don't like to risk screwing up what I think I'm good at! However, recent attempts of mine to challenge myself (viz. the socks) have apparently turned out OK.

As for finding counted cross-stitch "relaxing"... hmm... certainly can't relate. I guess everyone has their drug of choice, though! ;-)

Look forward to seeing your cat stitches once the camera is unearthed...!



Miss Me said...

i find counted cross stitch relaxing, too. for me, it's a repetitive sort of thing, just like my beloved knitting! i don't cross stitch nearly as often, but i am currently working on the first of three cushion covers from a book of william morris designs. like kristina, i look forward to seeing some photos!

Kristina said...

The William Morris cushion covers sound great too! ;-). I have an unfinished tapestry (printed canvas) which has been sitting in the cupboard for way too long. Hmmm...!!

Patience said...

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