10 March 2007

Glad to be here!

I am very pleased to be a member of this most excellent blog, and I look forward to discussing my work (and asking for help with, and opinions of, work in progress) with all the other members! This is the second blog/discussion board I have joined. The other is the L&O CI board at NBC.com I'm new to the cyber world, but I'm enjoying taking part in it. I began knitting years ago, taught by my grandmother. My grandmother is an excellent knitter, and should not in any way be held responsible for my results. I have knitted several scarves, hats and sweaters for various family members, who all claim to like them, and do, in fact, wear them on occasion. I became interested in Counted Cross Stitch about seven years ago, and taught myself how to do it. I find it very relaxing, and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how lovely the finished projects are, considering I made them. I have a large stash of patterns and kits, as well as skeins of floss and wool, rolls of linen and aida and various embellishments. I'm working through it at a good clip, but as all crafters know, it never diminishes because I keep finding new things that I just have to have! I tend to stitch whilst watching Law and Order which has lead to many pricked fingers when the twist is revealed. It will be great to get to know everyone and admire their talents. I will have to take photos of some of my prior efforts to post here.

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Kristina said...

Hi Mari:

Welcome! Good to have you and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing your cross-stitch work! Most knitting questions, I can handle... cross-stitch not - especially questions like "How do you avoid pricking yourself ALL the time with the sharp needle?" (which was my experience with cross-stitch ;-)

At least with cross-stitch as the main hobby, the stash probably takes up a bit less space than with knitting!