06 May 2007

She taught me to knit, and so much more.

My Grandma passed away this week. She was the beacon in my childhood, and set me on the right road. She was a woman of courage, kindness, beauty, strength and great humour. I am sorry for myself, and the rest of the family that we no longer have her, and I am sorry too that she cannot enrich the lives of those she interacted with even for a short time, anymore. I am happy she is free from the prison of flesh and bone her illness had created, and I know she is always with me, just beyond my reach, always in my heart. My Grandma taught me to knit, and taught me appreciation for the love and time which goes into crafts. We all know that it would be easier to buy a sweater. That is missing the point! She loved to try new things, and to appreciate neddlework disciplines which were new to her. I will be completing the needlework and embroidery she could not. The cross stitches I made her were in her room in the convalescent residence, and I believe they would be well served left for the other people who admire them. I am happy they gave her joy and I hope they will give joy to others. That is why I do this, I am astonished at the appreciation my family and friends have for the works I make them, and that is a gift to me. The last thing my Grandma was able to make was an Aran sweater of natural wool, she made it for me. It is more than a sweater, it is our family pattern, now handed to me to keep alive. It is her love, a hug for me from her. Thank you for letting me share this with you.