13 March 2007


Howdy all, I'm SarahIvy, I found my way to this fun idea from Kristina's post on the LOCI board.

Hrmmm, about me. Let's see, left the city a few years ago with my husband to start up a little homestead and live a more sustainable lifestyle. We have a small acreage in the woods of Oregon, and tons of animals....dogs, cat (or monkey/dog/panda hybrid, we're not sure), chickens and goats, an orchard and a big organic garden.

I craft for a living, and generally think of myself as an artisan, rather than an artist ("artist" gives me way too many flashbacks of my ealier life as an angsty art school dropout :P ). I dye and spin yarn, which started as a charming homestead hobby and sort of tumbled into a full on home business that allowed me to quit my library job.


Other than all the spinning, I crochet, knit very poorly, make goofy vintage jewelry, draw, paint, am theoretically teaching myself to sew, and so on and so forth. I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and vintage goodness so I tend to have a new hobby to explore every couple of months.

As for L&O, well I started watching when the original started. Back when I was a 12 year old with somewhat odd taste in television for my age. Anyhoo, I've watched all the spinoffs, though my relationship with SVU has grown rather cold and disallusioned. Criminal Intent is my favorite, with Mothership reruns in a close second.

Of course the myriad reruns keep me crafting happily on a daily basis. I like to joke that I'm "in my office"...which means I'm at my spinning wheel in front of an L&O rerun. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog develops and what fabulous creative things everyone does!


Kristina said...

Hi SarahIvy:

Sounds like a wonderful "office" to me. Tried that this morning (with computer hooked up to the work site and L&O episode from yesterday). Couldn't concentrate on anything so decided I should come to the *real* office!

Your yarn sample is wonderful!! It's also great that you could turn artisanship into a full time gig. I would call myself a dilitante artisan, except my interest (and time spent on) crafts has mutated beyond the dilatory. Just don't have the guts to give up the day job... ! and right now, the day job is pretty good actually.



Miss Me said...

You were 12 when L&O started? Egads! Pass the Geritol... ; )

Sarah said...

Hah! Yes, around 12-13 I think.

Kristina, I'd say if the day job is pretty good, you're in pretty good shape....I don't actually know many people who can say that.

Thanks for the yarn compliment! :)

easterlily07 said...

Eeek Miss Me! She's at most, only 29! I am 50...okay, put away the arrows! LOL Geritol comes a bit later in life.

Kristina said...

Sarah: yes, I am very fortunate re. the day job - particularly right now. Doing a legal research gig currently for Legal Aid. Boss is great, hours are terrific. Being a lawyer, it is a real gift to have a 35 hour work week. ;-) and I probably would not take a job that required more.

Easterlily: no arrows here! ;-). Re. geritol: my DH is 69 and he doesn't use it yet ;-). He has taken to saying this year "Life begins at 70". So, it's all relative!