06 May 2007

She taught me to knit, and so much more.

My Grandma passed away this week. She was the beacon in my childhood, and set me on the right road. She was a woman of courage, kindness, beauty, strength and great humour. I am sorry for myself, and the rest of the family that we no longer have her, and I am sorry too that she cannot enrich the lives of those she interacted with even for a short time, anymore. I am happy she is free from the prison of flesh and bone her illness had created, and I know she is always with me, just beyond my reach, always in my heart. My Grandma taught me to knit, and taught me appreciation for the love and time which goes into crafts. We all know that it would be easier to buy a sweater. That is missing the point! She loved to try new things, and to appreciate neddlework disciplines which were new to her. I will be completing the needlework and embroidery she could not. The cross stitches I made her were in her room in the convalescent residence, and I believe they would be well served left for the other people who admire them. I am happy they gave her joy and I hope they will give joy to others. That is why I do this, I am astonished at the appreciation my family and friends have for the works I make them, and that is a gift to me. The last thing my Grandma was able to make was an Aran sweater of natural wool, she made it for me. It is more than a sweater, it is our family pattern, now handed to me to keep alive. It is her love, a hug for me from her. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

17 April 2007

Hello??? Is there anybody out there?

Okay guys, I've been immersed in French Language Training (the woes of being a Canadian federal civil servant), so that explains me (well kind of...), but where did everybody else go?

01 April 2007

Short Rows and Law and Order...

...don't mix! While I am loving new episodes of all the L&O series, it has meant more than a few "redo" moments for me.
I've been working away on the Dresser Scarf Socks from an old issue of Interweave Knits (Summer 2003, I think). They are knit out of Cascade Fixation, and I'm really looking forward to wearing them, but knitting the short row heel as I watched CI early in the week was challenging... I knit it a number of times before I finally got it right. And then I did the toe (also short row) will watching Casualty on BBC Canada on Thursday. Same problem... But they are done now aside from putting in those pesky ends... I'm not sure whether the yarn has really knit on the bias or whether it looks that way because of the pattern in the cuff.
And then last night while watching traditional L&O, I decided to work on a square for my Lizard Ridge Afghan. Also short rows... I finally put it down to work on a pair of ribbed socks for my husband!

my newest FO!

(or "finished object" for those who don't remember useless abbreviations):

I also want to show you a detail so you can see how lovely the yarn looks:

The pattern is called "The Perfect Sweater" and is located for free on www.masondixonknitting.com. I had started it way some time back and gotten distracted. It was a very quick and easy knit (and for those who are just starting off knitting and want a simple sweater pattern, this is the one - lots of variations in it).

Otherwise, knitting has been up and down. I started a set of boxer shorts but they turned out way too wide and too short at the same time. So, they are in the "unwind" pile to make a couple of summery Ts. Right now am working on a large handbag but have been fighting with it as the yarn I'm using is the wrong gauge. Have finally figured it out.

And of course, the fact that lots of knitting is done in front of LOCI reruns probably does not help with the concentration factor! ;)

29 March 2007

Hi my name is Sonya and I will watch all

reruns of any of the Law and Orders. I started with the original and I third the comment of how great Jerry Orbach was. I don't catch CI or the original every week but I try to never miss SVU. I love Christopher Meloni. I don't think there is one cast member I don't like. They have the greatest guest stars. Oh ya, I have an Olivia and an Elliot.

20 March 2007


On the crafty front I've just been madly trying to get a bunch of yarn ready for the next shop update. I usually dye up top and spin it directly, but lately I've been having too much fun making huge batts of hand blended fibers with my drum carder. It's a perfect evening activity, sitting on the couch cranking the drum carder whilst watching Criminal Intent reruns...at this point I know the CI episodes so well I can glance up at all my favorites bits ;)

Then I spin up the batts and ply them with thread, making big textured bobbly yarns like this one (it's Merino wool, silk noils, baby camel and sparkle):

Robin's Nest

I did take the time to do some spinning just for me, from some Superwash Merino that was hand dyed by a friend of mine....I'm not sure what I'm going to crochet it into just yet, but it's mine all mine!

Superwash Merino Two-ply

I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow for a few days of fun with some girlfriends, so I made myself a sparkly necklace to wear out to dinner. I love vintage lucite! The big black beads have sparkly glitter embedded in them.

Vintage Lucite Bead Necklace

I'll see you guys when I get back from my trip, and I'll make sure to snap a couple of pictures of my little homestead. Happy Crafting!

19 March 2007

Could you knit these while watching L&O?

... at least, with the requisite rapt attention owed the show?

I don't think I am... but I'm going to try. Please wish me luck. Will start this weekend. Entrelac socks for my second project - I must be insane! Here are my colours, below:

Pattern for the socks in the current Interweave Knits (spring 2007).

Working on at the moment...aside from looking for the camera!

Afternoon all.
I was looking in vain for my camera, thought it would be nice to show off some of my made while watching CI projects, but alas, I cannot find it yet, so I will settle for description of latest project as today's contribution. (By the way, hello to new members! This is turning into a lovely little cyber-corner!)
As I mentioned in my first post, I love Counted Cross Stitch, and unlike sane people, I find it relaxing too! I'm in the final stages of yet another of the Kats by Kelly series published by Calico Crossroads. As the owner of a very handsome black cat, I have completed about a dozen of this series, and have about twenty more waiting to be done. The last one, which is nearly completed, is titled; Hangin' Out. This is a Christmas theme, of the black cat hanging off a branch of the Christmas tree, and looking rather surprised to cause a ruckus. I'm starting early this year...no kidding eh? I had wanted to have any Christmas presents done before the summer, so that I could get back to working on my own epic Christmas project, Spirit of Christmas by Sandy Bergeron, published by Candamar Designs. I've got to the actual ready to begin stitching the design stage with Spirit of Christmas, and it's on the frame, ready to go, I just wanted to do at least half of the to be gifted projects before I began, and when I finish this one today, I shall leap into my "for me" project.
The new kit that I was given by my Boy Toy for my birthday is sitting on the top of my stash right now, taunting me. You see, this kit, which is beautiful, I must say, is a Dimensions Stamped Cross Stitch project. It's called A Season for Everything by Karen Avery. The thing is, I've never done a stamped cross stitch before! I know, I know, I've done embroidery, I've done counted, this is kinda like both, and I should have no trouble, right? That's what I keep telling myself, but since this is the first one I'll be attempting, I'm looking at it warily! The design is stamped on white sailcloth, which will also be a first. Linen, Aida, silk, no worries, this sailcloth...I'm in a cold sweat! I don't know if other crafters feel like this when they're doing a new craft, which is closely related to their favourite craft? I think if it were totally different, I'd feel less worried about screwing it up, to be honest. When I made bobbin lace for the first time I was much less nervous, and it's difficult, but I think because I didn't have a track record, I was less worried about making a mess! Any advice would be welcome. I'm not even sure about putting it on my frame, or using the hoop? I can put off this anyway, until Spirit of Christmas is done, but considering the clip I stitch at, this won't be too long. Ah well, if nothing else, it keeps me on my toes! Thanks for giving me a place to vent!

finished objects!

Greetings all:

just thought I'd post some photos of my latest creations:

1. Moderne scarf (based on the Moderne blanket pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting)

2. my first pair of socks! (and after I do some entrelac ones, because I'm a masochist, probably my last. Too many dropped stitches!).

If you're interested in more specific info (yarn used, etc) check out my blog at http://knitwitsvengeance.blogspot.com).



18 March 2007

views - inside and out

Hi all:

Guess what I'm doing? Watching LOCI in rerun (the one where the public defender has his corporate lawyer wife done away with. One of the few I've seen a few times... I wonder why this one turns up on my screen so often, given that I am the civil equivalent of a public defender... LOL).

My pics can't compete with "Miss Me's" but I thought I would put up anyway. I live in Toronto next to one of the ravines that dot the city. My apartment is on the 3rd floor. This is the view from the balcony, which is 32 feet wide:

I must admit we pay way too much rent from this privilege, but it is a great place to live. I should also mention that despite the "forest", the building is about a 5 minute walk from the subway station and 10 minute drive to get onto the highway for DH to work. I can get downtown in 1/2 hour from door to door.

I do not have any fun DIY stories. We have lived in this unit for almost a year and in another smaller unit in the building for one and a half years before that and haven't even painted (both units had been renovated in (yawn) apartment white - and given the high rent I am loath to leave anything behind for the landlord!). It is a decent unit but nothing special (1950s building. I have lived in some very cool but dilapidated art deco units before this).

So - colour is restricted to what we put up on the walls, for now. This is what you see when you first come in: (I'm posting 2 photos as I couldn't get the right angle): my way of trying to bring the greek islands into the house:

17 March 2007

Farmhouse Renos...

I'm going to start by stating that we have spent 12.5 years doing renovations, and we're not done yet! We're getting close, but still have to do the kitchen (a BIGGIE!) and our guest bedroom. The oldest part of our house was built in 1872, by my husband's great-great grandfather. (I may be off by one great there, but I don't think so...) The house is on part of the original land grant that was granted to great-great-great grandfather in 1832. He had settled here in 1820, but didn't get the grant for 12 years - probably due to failure to meet performance covenants.

Above is the back of the house. You drive up to the back. We always make an effort at Christmas to dress the old girl up a bit...

And from the side... As you can see, we have a small garden! The shed is our "tractor shed". With 10.5 acres, we need a "yard tractor". When we bought it, it cost more than our car was worth!

This is the front of the house. It faces the river, which would have been the main means of transportation at the time.

As I do this, I realize that I don't have many inside photos, but we did redo the master bedroom last year. This is one of the before shots. How do you like my heating vent? And my cracked plaster under the old lady wallpaper....?
When we first moved here back in 1996, the house was probably within 5 years of the point of no return... We have re-roofed, re-sided, new windows, new porches, a new out building, an old out building torn down and hauled away, a new septic system (after the old one broke in the middle of the winter and we all had stomach flu), a new well, many interior renos and it just continues. It has been a lot of money, and a long time, but I do think that it is worth it. We had the honour of being part of our community's first Christmas house tour back in 2003. Living in a small community the locals are curious. I understand that there were a number of people who bought tickets simply to see the inside of our house! Who would have believed it?
I'll have to scan in some of the before and after photos that we have. The before photos can provide some good laughs!

16 March 2007

Get To Know Me!

If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
I'm pretty happy right where I am, I'd just like to have more money to spend on fixing up my old farmhouse!

And why is that?
Because I love the climate where I live (Oregon), and I love the forest (I have acres of woods to hike in outside my door), and out here I can have all the animals and plants and privacy I could ever want.

What is one of your hobbies?

What is your favourite TV show (aside from L&O, LOCI, SVU)?
I really love TV a lot ;) Some other favorites are Deadwood, The Office (American version), Strangers With Candy, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Carnivale.

What is the best book that you've read?
Ever? That's hard. I love books even more than I love my TV. One of my alltime favorites is "Possession" by A.S. Byatt.

What interests you?
Far too many things to list, but here are a few: arts and crafts, people watching and human behaviour, striped tights and socks, politics, the environment, mushrooms, plants, fiber, the dead body trade, sustainable living....ect. and so on.

Can you dance well?
No. I married a man who does not dance, and I lost most all of my skills. I was quite into swing dancing years ago. He has offered to take a dance class with me though (!!!) so things are looking up :)

Do you have any cool talents?
Um, I'm semi-double jointed. I can drink vastly different types of alcohol in one evening and not get sick.

Do you have any plans this weekend?
Maybe a movie, maybe a trip to a couple of nurseries, maybe some rototilling.

Do you have any goals in life?
I've got tons, from big to small.

Do you have the motivation and drive to achieve them?
That comes and goes ;) I tend to be very goal oriented and productive in fits. My husband and I managed to achieve one of our biggest goals, which was moving out of the city to the country and cultivating a little homestead. Major lifestyle change!

What's a line/set of lyrics that describes your current mood?
"'Oh, you've been in the house too long, she said,
And I naturally fled." - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, by The Smiths. Because I've literally been in the house too long, and today is gorgeous and sunny and I need to hike in the woods and enjoy it.

How long does it take you to get ready after you get up?
A long time. I am not a morning person. Most of that time is spent quietly sitting, reading online, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee. The actual showering/putting on of makeup/dressing portion doesn't take that long comparatively.

What's your favorite meal?
On what day? I like food way too much to have a single favorite meal....I'm outrageously fond of cheese though. Most of my favorite things involve cheese.

What's your favorite dessert?
Creme brulee...or anything lemon.

How often do you go shopping?
Like grocery shopping? About once a week. We live out very rural, so I get together any packages to mail out and head over to the nearest city to do all my errands and grocery shopping in one long afternoon.

What's your philosophy on life?
I need more coffee before I answer this one...

Is there anything you regret?
Nope, I don't do regrets.

What would you change about yourself, if anything?
I want to change things sometimes, but overall I'm pretty happy with myself. I can always work on being a bit kinder and gentler and I try not to judge others.

Ok, so who's next?

15 March 2007

a get to know you survey

Hi all: thought for sake of promoting discussion I would put up one of these surveys that float around from time to time. If you want to respond, just copy and paste into a comment to this post. Please feel free to respond to all, any or none of the questions!

If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

And why is that?

What is one of your hobbies?

What is your favourite TV show (aside from L&O, LOCI, SVU)?

What is the best book that you've read?

What interests you?

Can you dance well?

Do you have any cool talents?

Do you have any plans this weekend?

Do you have any goals in life?

Do you have the motivation and drive to achieve them?

What's a line/set of lyrics that describes your current mood?

How long does it take you to get ready after you get up?

What's your favorite meal?

What's your favorite dessert?

How often do you go shopping?

What's your philosophy on life?

Is there anything you regret?

What would you change about yourself, if anything?

14 March 2007

new craft!

Hi all:

Thought I'd share a relatively new craft I've started working on... I don't know what one calls it - "recycling", I guess. ;-) I've seen the idea in various spots on line.


1. Buy old PURE UNWASHABLE WOOL sweaters from Goodwill, SallyAnn shop, other resale store (I get for approx $5.00 each)
2. Felt them by putting in washing machine for 1-3 cycles with a little bit of detergent - let them dry naturally
3. Cut them into pieces
4. Sew/knit/crochet the pieces together into desired shape or form.

And you get lovely things like:

(a) "Neckless" Bag (groan - I know)

Handle and "stitching" done in single crochet with Brown Sheep Burly Spun (superchunky).

(b) Felted bulletin board for office

Herringbone stitch (I am quite proud of this effort as I am bad at and hated sewing. Thanks to Darx and other kind people from the Knitty message board for talking me through this and providing samples). I have not put it up in the office I'm working in right now as we are not allowed to pin anything to the walls. Will take with me back to my other workplace to which I shall return in early May).

Anyway, sorry to ramble - but this has been lots of fun and I will be making more things. It's quick, easy and cheap - and has help me use up minute bits of yarn stash as well.

hurt needles, bruised egos, etc.

It has been a rather violent week on the craft front. I managed to break a needle while attempting my first pair of socks! Here is the memorial to said needle:

**note the downturned trunk of the elephant. It was pointing up in the "happy" position before. Really, it was! <...ah, just kidding>.

But all clouds have a silver lining, because the needle was sacrificed in this cause: Kristina's First Sock!

Also, I gave up knitting a iPod cover with cutouts for the screen and wheel last evening. Although I know I should post mistakes in addition to successes, I suspect one of the raccoons living in the ravine next to the building have scooped it already (after I threw it off the balcony in disgust) ;-){j}. And here I was, all ready to design and sell for millions my first pattern! SIGH

With all of this excitement, and given the fact that DH won the coin toss re. viewing choices last evening at 9:00 pm (Hustle on CBC - not bad but a bit precious. Seeing Robert Vaughn is, however, worth the price of admisssion) I must confess that I did not watch the new episode of CI although it is patiently awaiting me on the DVR. For those who saw it - was it good?


PS for those interested in scary vintage knits, check out The Museum of Kitschy Stitches (under the links section) for some truly weird photos. Here's a fabulous ski mask!

13 March 2007


Howdy all, I'm SarahIvy, I found my way to this fun idea from Kristina's post on the LOCI board.

Hrmmm, about me. Let's see, left the city a few years ago with my husband to start up a little homestead and live a more sustainable lifestyle. We have a small acreage in the woods of Oregon, and tons of animals....dogs, cat (or monkey/dog/panda hybrid, we're not sure), chickens and goats, an orchard and a big organic garden.

I craft for a living, and generally think of myself as an artisan, rather than an artist ("artist" gives me way too many flashbacks of my ealier life as an angsty art school dropout :P ). I dye and spin yarn, which started as a charming homestead hobby and sort of tumbled into a full on home business that allowed me to quit my library job.


Other than all the spinning, I crochet, knit very poorly, make goofy vintage jewelry, draw, paint, am theoretically teaching myself to sew, and so on and so forth. I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and vintage goodness so I tend to have a new hobby to explore every couple of months.

As for L&O, well I started watching when the original started. Back when I was a 12 year old with somewhat odd taste in television for my age. Anyhoo, I've watched all the spinoffs, though my relationship with SVU has grown rather cold and disallusioned. Criminal Intent is my favorite, with Mothership reruns in a close second.

Of course the myriad reruns keep me crafting happily on a daily basis. I like to joke that I'm "in my office"...which means I'm at my spinning wheel in front of an L&O rerun. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog develops and what fabulous creative things everyone does!

12 March 2007


Hi thanks for letting me be apart of this I'm looking forward to posting here and it 'll take some time for me to get acustom to this format........

11 March 2007

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

...and thanks for the Contributor invite. I'm Katie (aka Miss Me), working parent of two sons. I currently work as a civil servant, but am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I knit, sew, cross stitch, occassionally make jewellery, and will try just about any craft once. I started knitting as a teenager. I babysat a lot and needed something to do after the kids were in bed and my homework was done. Considering that I babysat the kids next door, I couldn't pursue the stereotypical babysitter activities - my mom would have killed me!

I love "Law & Order" and always have, much to my husband's dismay. It's a bit of a joke, but not really, that my television watching motto is "All crime, all the time". Aside from L&O, I'm a big fan of "Criminal Intent" and I have "Numb3rs"on in the background... My own personal theory is that all of us knitters are truly geeks at heart (sorry everyone, but I do think that it is true!) who absolutely love both numbers and repeating patterns.

What's on my needles these days? Uhm - everything... Not literally, but close. A couple of pairs of socks, a few sweaters, the Lizard Ridge afghan (8 blocks to go!) and a variety of other UFOs that may eventually become FOs.

10 March 2007

Glad to be here!

I am very pleased to be a member of this most excellent blog, and I look forward to discussing my work (and asking for help with, and opinions of, work in progress) with all the other members! This is the second blog/discussion board I have joined. The other is the L&O CI board at NBC.com I'm new to the cyber world, but I'm enjoying taking part in it. I began knitting years ago, taught by my grandmother. My grandmother is an excellent knitter, and should not in any way be held responsible for my results. I have knitted several scarves, hats and sweaters for various family members, who all claim to like them, and do, in fact, wear them on occasion. I became interested in Counted Cross Stitch about seven years ago, and taught myself how to do it. I find it very relaxing, and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how lovely the finished projects are, considering I made them. I have a large stash of patterns and kits, as well as skeins of floss and wool, rolls of linen and aida and various embellishments. I'm working through it at a good clip, but as all crafters know, it never diminishes because I keep finding new things that I just have to have! I tend to stitch whilst watching Law and Order which has lead to many pricked fingers when the twist is revealed. It will be great to get to know everyone and admire their talents. I will have to take photos of some of my prior efforts to post here.

Which is your favourite L&O - and why?

Hi all:

My current favourite is Criminal Intent (which you probably figured out by the title of this blog). Why?

1. I've seen the other 2 series episodes probably one too many times - for now, anyway - although I still do watch the current season.

2. I really enjoy the plotlines in Criminal Intent and like the concept of seeing the detectives arrive at what we already know has happened.

3. My interest in courtroom drama comes and goes - occupational hazard, I guess.

4. The cast members are excellent - particularly Mr. D'Onofrio and Ms Erbe. It's also nice to see Chris Noth back in action.

It took me quite some time to warm to CI - but about a year ago I got hooked! This gives me the benefit of not having seen every episode - YET ;-)




Kristina here. I live in Toronto in the St Clair and Bathurst area, I am a tenant and I knit way too much. I also watch Law and Order Criminal Intent way too frequently (and in past, I have watched inordinate amounts of L&O and SVU as well - and probably will again in future).

One of my favourite pastimes is knitting while watching LOCI reruns (or other television - other favourites include British police procedurals and (gasp) Iron Chef America.

To pay for my yarn habit, I practice law in the not for profit sector and have done so for a few years (and after all the practice I've become not too bad at it). My field is administrative law - mostly landlord and tenant. As a tenant, I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to stash all of my WIPs and materials. Works in progress include a denim knitted bag (have to sew in lining - HATE sewing!) and a fluffy spring scarf. Am going to endeavour my first pair of socks shortly.

Some samples of my work:

Last finished knitted piece:

A recent finished piece: Curve of Pursuit
(pattern by Pat Ashforth at www.woollythoughts.com)

I also do mosaic, mostly with stained glass or old plates which I break (I am of Greek heritage, so I'm very good at the plate smashing too). Here are some samples:

Fiesta chair - my own design - old Fiestaware (OPA!), tiles, dollar stope beads and a chair I found and repaired)

The Four Seasons - my own design - a disassembled windchime, stained glass and dollar store beads.

And in past I've been known to do needlepoint:

counted cross-stitch (from a kit - can't remember whose. Sorry)

I do some crochet but prefer knitting.

And obviously, from the above, I am NOT a talented photgrapher ;-) I also can't draw or paint to save my life. But then - how many talents can one person have?! [online voice dripping with sarcasm]

How to Make Friends and Influence People

Hi all: my stab at some "rules" for want of a better word.


This is a place to discuss the current season of any of the Law and Order shows, general info about the show or news if people are so inclined. Let's keep it respectful, and please remember that there are plenty of fan message boards out there for those who want to talk specifically about certain actors, post photos of them, etc. (NBC Message Boards and Criminal Intent US come to mind - or google "law and order" and "message boards"

I'd like this to be first and foremost a space for those of us who love Law and Order to talk about and share the crafts we enjoy doing. And I don't think any of us wants to see flaming about the shows, the cast members, or the preferences of other people on this blog about the shows. As the self-appointed moderator, I will delete any posts which I feel deviate from these principles.


Anyone who likes doing crafts and also likes Law and Order is welcome. ("Crafts" includes, but is not limited to, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, spinning, drawing, photography, gluing things onto other things... etc. etc. etc.)Photos of your crafts are more than welcome!

Please also feel free to post any questions, tips, tricks, etc. In this regard, those who don't do any crafts but would like to start and also enjoy any of the Law and Order series are more than welcome. If your questions are about any crafts I'm into, I'll do my best to answer, and if not hopefully others will help out.


In order to start your own post on this blog, you must be a member. (And, to become a member, you must apparently have or get a Blogger account). If interested, please Email me at craftyintent at yahoo dot ca and let me know where you found out about the blog and why you want to join. You will get an Email from blogger inviting you... Please note that you can comment on another person's post without being a member***

Once you're a full fledged member, please introduce yourself by posting a reply to the "Intros" thread (10 March 2007) telling us your interest in crafts (what you do), which L&O shows you like to watch, and any other info you feel comfortable sharing.

Kindly credit anyone responsible for coming up with patterns (including yourself!). And, unfortunately, I will be forced to remove any attempts to post patterns from books, magazines, etc as that would be a violation of copyright laws. ;-(

*** And if anyone has ideas for a more clever name for the blog than the one I've picked, please feel free to let me know. My creative spark with words is not working so well these days***