17 April 2007

Hello??? Is there anybody out there?

Okay guys, I've been immersed in French Language Training (the woes of being a Canadian federal civil servant), so that explains me (well kind of...), but where did everybody else go?

01 April 2007

Short Rows and Law and Order...

...don't mix! While I am loving new episodes of all the L&O series, it has meant more than a few "redo" moments for me.
I've been working away on the Dresser Scarf Socks from an old issue of Interweave Knits (Summer 2003, I think). They are knit out of Cascade Fixation, and I'm really looking forward to wearing them, but knitting the short row heel as I watched CI early in the week was challenging... I knit it a number of times before I finally got it right. And then I did the toe (also short row) will watching Casualty on BBC Canada on Thursday. Same problem... But they are done now aside from putting in those pesky ends... I'm not sure whether the yarn has really knit on the bias or whether it looks that way because of the pattern in the cuff.
And then last night while watching traditional L&O, I decided to work on a square for my Lizard Ridge Afghan. Also short rows... I finally put it down to work on a pair of ribbed socks for my husband!

my newest FO!

(or "finished object" for those who don't remember useless abbreviations):

I also want to show you a detail so you can see how lovely the yarn looks:

The pattern is called "The Perfect Sweater" and is located for free on www.masondixonknitting.com. I had started it way some time back and gotten distracted. It was a very quick and easy knit (and for those who are just starting off knitting and want a simple sweater pattern, this is the one - lots of variations in it).

Otherwise, knitting has been up and down. I started a set of boxer shorts but they turned out way too wide and too short at the same time. So, they are in the "unwind" pile to make a couple of summery Ts. Right now am working on a large handbag but have been fighting with it as the yarn I'm using is the wrong gauge. Have finally figured it out.

And of course, the fact that lots of knitting is done in front of LOCI reruns probably does not help with the concentration factor! ;)