10 March 2007

How to Make Friends and Influence People

Hi all: my stab at some "rules" for want of a better word.


This is a place to discuss the current season of any of the Law and Order shows, general info about the show or news if people are so inclined. Let's keep it respectful, and please remember that there are plenty of fan message boards out there for those who want to talk specifically about certain actors, post photos of them, etc. (NBC Message Boards and Criminal Intent US come to mind - or google "law and order" and "message boards"

I'd like this to be first and foremost a space for those of us who love Law and Order to talk about and share the crafts we enjoy doing. And I don't think any of us wants to see flaming about the shows, the cast members, or the preferences of other people on this blog about the shows. As the self-appointed moderator, I will delete any posts which I feel deviate from these principles.


Anyone who likes doing crafts and also likes Law and Order is welcome. ("Crafts" includes, but is not limited to, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, spinning, drawing, photography, gluing things onto other things... etc. etc. etc.)Photos of your crafts are more than welcome!

Please also feel free to post any questions, tips, tricks, etc. In this regard, those who don't do any crafts but would like to start and also enjoy any of the Law and Order series are more than welcome. If your questions are about any crafts I'm into, I'll do my best to answer, and if not hopefully others will help out.


In order to start your own post on this blog, you must be a member. (And, to become a member, you must apparently have or get a Blogger account). If interested, please Email me at craftyintent at yahoo dot ca and let me know where you found out about the blog and why you want to join. You will get an Email from blogger inviting you... Please note that you can comment on another person's post without being a member***

Once you're a full fledged member, please introduce yourself by posting a reply to the "Intros" thread (10 March 2007) telling us your interest in crafts (what you do), which L&O shows you like to watch, and any other info you feel comfortable sharing.

Kindly credit anyone responsible for coming up with patterns (including yourself!). And, unfortunately, I will be forced to remove any attempts to post patterns from books, magazines, etc as that would be a violation of copyright laws. ;-(

*** And if anyone has ideas for a more clever name for the blog than the one I've picked, please feel free to let me know. My creative spark with words is not working so well these days***


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