10 March 2007


Kristina here. I live in Toronto in the St Clair and Bathurst area, I am a tenant and I knit way too much. I also watch Law and Order Criminal Intent way too frequently (and in past, I have watched inordinate amounts of L&O and SVU as well - and probably will again in future).

One of my favourite pastimes is knitting while watching LOCI reruns (or other television - other favourites include British police procedurals and (gasp) Iron Chef America.

To pay for my yarn habit, I practice law in the not for profit sector and have done so for a few years (and after all the practice I've become not too bad at it). My field is administrative law - mostly landlord and tenant. As a tenant, I'm lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to stash all of my WIPs and materials. Works in progress include a denim knitted bag (have to sew in lining - HATE sewing!) and a fluffy spring scarf. Am going to endeavour my first pair of socks shortly.

Some samples of my work:

Last finished knitted piece:

A recent finished piece: Curve of Pursuit
(pattern by Pat Ashforth at www.woollythoughts.com)

I also do mosaic, mostly with stained glass or old plates which I break (I am of Greek heritage, so I'm very good at the plate smashing too). Here are some samples:

Fiesta chair - my own design - old Fiestaware (OPA!), tiles, dollar stope beads and a chair I found and repaired)

The Four Seasons - my own design - a disassembled windchime, stained glass and dollar store beads.

And in past I've been known to do needlepoint:

counted cross-stitch (from a kit - can't remember whose. Sorry)

I do some crochet but prefer knitting.

And obviously, from the above, I am NOT a talented photgrapher ;-) I also can't draw or paint to save my life. But then - how many talents can one person have?! [online voice dripping with sarcasm]


easterlily07 said...

My name is Mary Ellen. My husband, and 14 year old son live in Mountainburg, Arkansas. Originally, Harl and I lived in Rochester, MN. Harl is a truck driver, and I work in the billing department of a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center.

I have been drawing since, gosh, I was old enough to hold a pencil. I remember Dad bringing home paper from the X-Ray boxes (bright orange) to draw on. The stipulation was, I had to draw on both sides of the paper. Since the paper was a long sheet folded in half for the X-Rays to sit between, that gave me four sides to draw on. And draw I did.

I also had a camera since the age of 7. Loved taking photographs! I moved on to having my own black and white darkroom to a color darkroom. I have neither now, but still love taking photographs, not as much as drawing, but with digital, it has become less expensive than the film. Taking photos helped me with drawing, to focus on what made a scene interesting. What to cut out, what to leave in.

I went to the College of St. Benedicts in St. Joseph, MN for two years. During the summer between my second and third year, I met Harl. I dropped out of school, and literally dropped art for 20+ years.

During the time that he had his own trucking business, I took classes at a local art center and discovered watercolors. I also discovered that I could still draw! I was hooked again! So, since 2000, I have been drawing, and painting up a storm. Although I am not what I would call a Fine Artist (my goal), I think I am pretty good and have sold some of my work and cards (that I scanned from my work). I haven't sold much in the last year, as I am drawing and painting now for my own benefit. For me, it is a great stress releaser...though right now, I feel I am in a bit of a dry spell.

Kristina said...

HI Mary Ellen - thanks for sharing your story. Perhaps I could hire you to take photos of my finished objects? (mine being not so great);-)

What a great story. Can you post any of your art for us to see?