10 March 2007

Which is your favourite L&O - and why?

Hi all:

My current favourite is Criminal Intent (which you probably figured out by the title of this blog). Why?

1. I've seen the other 2 series episodes probably one too many times - for now, anyway - although I still do watch the current season.

2. I really enjoy the plotlines in Criminal Intent and like the concept of seeing the detectives arrive at what we already know has happened.

3. My interest in courtroom drama comes and goes - occupational hazard, I guess.

4. The cast members are excellent - particularly Mr. D'Onofrio and Ms Erbe. It's also nice to see Chris Noth back in action.

It took me quite some time to warm to CI - but about a year ago I got hooked! This gives me the benefit of not having seen every episode - YET ;-)




easterlily07 said...

I have enjoyed Law and Order for a number of years. Especially with Jerry Orbach. Gosh, I miss him! I have watch SVU, and like that as well, but the one that keeps me coming back is Law & Order CI.

For me it's the unusual way that Bobby Goren gets the job done. His sense of humor, his intensity (especially that), the compassion that he shows for the victim. The dangling of one foot over the line of ethics, but not quite cross it.

Love Alex Eames too. She has the straight forwardness of the cops of yesteryear (and probably not that far back). She lets Bobby be Bobby, and watches how he works (although I am sure at times she feels that he does cross the line).

The show develops the story line of the crime. It's not 1/2 and 1/2 like the original L&O. To me, this allows us, the viewers to see character development of the victim, the perps, the detectives.

Both Mr. D'Onofrio and Ms. Erbe are fine actors and have stood the test of time.

Kristina said...

A very thoughtful review of the characters. I miss Jerry Orbach too, by the way.

easterlily07 said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe he left the show, only to find out a short time later that he had died. He was a good one, and really made the show.