20 March 2007


On the crafty front I've just been madly trying to get a bunch of yarn ready for the next shop update. I usually dye up top and spin it directly, but lately I've been having too much fun making huge batts of hand blended fibers with my drum carder. It's a perfect evening activity, sitting on the couch cranking the drum carder whilst watching Criminal Intent reruns...at this point I know the CI episodes so well I can glance up at all my favorites bits ;)

Then I spin up the batts and ply them with thread, making big textured bobbly yarns like this one (it's Merino wool, silk noils, baby camel and sparkle):

Robin's Nest

I did take the time to do some spinning just for me, from some Superwash Merino that was hand dyed by a friend of mine....I'm not sure what I'm going to crochet it into just yet, but it's mine all mine!

Superwash Merino Two-ply

I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow for a few days of fun with some girlfriends, so I made myself a sparkly necklace to wear out to dinner. I love vintage lucite! The big black beads have sparkly glitter embedded in them.

Vintage Lucite Bead Necklace

I'll see you guys when I get back from my trip, and I'll make sure to snap a couple of pictures of my little homestead. Happy Crafting!


Miss Me said...

mmm... dinner is going to have a hard time being yummier than your jewellery. very, very nice!

Kristina said...

Brilliant jewellery, for sure. :-) Will look forward to your return!

And - lovely yarn as well.

Kristina said...
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