18 March 2007

views - inside and out

Hi all:

Guess what I'm doing? Watching LOCI in rerun (the one where the public defender has his corporate lawyer wife done away with. One of the few I've seen a few times... I wonder why this one turns up on my screen so often, given that I am the civil equivalent of a public defender... LOL).

My pics can't compete with "Miss Me's" but I thought I would put up anyway. I live in Toronto next to one of the ravines that dot the city. My apartment is on the 3rd floor. This is the view from the balcony, which is 32 feet wide:

I must admit we pay way too much rent from this privilege, but it is a great place to live. I should also mention that despite the "forest", the building is about a 5 minute walk from the subway station and 10 minute drive to get onto the highway for DH to work. I can get downtown in 1/2 hour from door to door.

I do not have any fun DIY stories. We have lived in this unit for almost a year and in another smaller unit in the building for one and a half years before that and haven't even painted (both units had been renovated in (yawn) apartment white - and given the high rent I am loath to leave anything behind for the landlord!). It is a decent unit but nothing special (1950s building. I have lived in some very cool but dilapidated art deco units before this).

So - colour is restricted to what we put up on the walls, for now. This is what you see when you first come in: (I'm posting 2 photos as I couldn't get the right angle): my way of trying to bring the greek islands into the house:


Miss Me said...

great view and great artwork! (i've never been to greece. it remains on my to-do list.) it must be nice to sit out on the balcony on a summer evening with the coolness of the ravine. i've lived in MANY builder beige apartments and sometimes that beats hideous old lady wallpaper handsdown!!!
the loci ep that i watched last night (re-run) was the one with the blog kidnapping.

Kristina said...

"Builder beige"! Love it!! And I agree with you - at least one can work with builder beige. Do you ever watch (or do you get, where you live) "How Not To Decorate"?

Not sure which LOCI season I am watching in reruns (off Mystery network) right now - I suspect it's the 1st or second though. I had taped the blog one to see again, so maybe that's next.

I have never been to the greek islands, but my to-do list includes a greek island/Turkey cruise. :-) I was born in Greece (in a town that is probably the furthest point in Greece away from any seashore or water... and where until recently they had to ration water... SIGH) and since coming here at 5 years old have been back many times. In my 20s I tried moving back permanently but missed Canada and didn't like Athens so much to live in.

Miss Me said...

thanks to the wonder of satellite tv, i often was loci and svu on omni! sometimes i watch them on mystery, too. last night it was on nbc. i watched plain vanilla l&o, too. it was the one with the escaped killer that they wanted executed.

i never buy decorating magazines, but i do love watching the decorating shows! i will admit that i have trouble keeping all of the names straight... i love the british ones that they have on bbc canada - yup, satellite tv can be great!

the greek islands would be fabulous, but i'd settle for greece - period! have you ever seen shirley valentine? great movie.

Kristina said...

Shirley Valentine is one of my all-time favourite movies!

How Not to Decorate is on BBC Canada. ;-) it is the one with the scottish couple Colin and Justin - they are quite over the top.

I also catch LOCI on Omni sometimes - but was starting to get confused because different timeline on Mystery so am sticking to the one for the time being.

Mari said...

Nice view! I think it helps that I know your area, because I can see the panorama in my mind's eye, you have a super location! The mosaics are really lovely Tina, you have a nice eye for colour, and composition. Are they hung in an area which gets the sun?

Kristina said...

Thanks for the compliments, Mari! ;-)

Unfortunately there is hardly any place in the apartment that gets the sun (although good in the summer re. no a/c). A couple of them I am going to hang right in the window whenever I get around to it as they are partially translucent.