14 March 2007

new craft!

Hi all:

Thought I'd share a relatively new craft I've started working on... I don't know what one calls it - "recycling", I guess. ;-) I've seen the idea in various spots on line.


1. Buy old PURE UNWASHABLE WOOL sweaters from Goodwill, SallyAnn shop, other resale store (I get for approx $5.00 each)
2. Felt them by putting in washing machine for 1-3 cycles with a little bit of detergent - let them dry naturally
3. Cut them into pieces
4. Sew/knit/crochet the pieces together into desired shape or form.

And you get lovely things like:

(a) "Neckless" Bag (groan - I know)

Handle and "stitching" done in single crochet with Brown Sheep Burly Spun (superchunky).

(b) Felted bulletin board for office

Herringbone stitch (I am quite proud of this effort as I am bad at and hated sewing. Thanks to Darx and other kind people from the Knitty message board for talking me through this and providing samples). I have not put it up in the office I'm working in right now as we are not allowed to pin anything to the walls. Will take with me back to my other workplace to which I shall return in early May).

Anyway, sorry to ramble - but this has been lots of fun and I will be making more things. It's quick, easy and cheap - and has help me use up minute bits of yarn stash as well.

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easterlily07 said...


Love the necklace bag!