14 March 2007

hurt needles, bruised egos, etc.

It has been a rather violent week on the craft front. I managed to break a needle while attempting my first pair of socks! Here is the memorial to said needle:

**note the downturned trunk of the elephant. It was pointing up in the "happy" position before. Really, it was! <...ah, just kidding>.

But all clouds have a silver lining, because the needle was sacrificed in this cause: Kristina's First Sock!

Also, I gave up knitting a iPod cover with cutouts for the screen and wheel last evening. Although I know I should post mistakes in addition to successes, I suspect one of the raccoons living in the ravine next to the building have scooped it already (after I threw it off the balcony in disgust) ;-){j}. And here I was, all ready to design and sell for millions my first pattern! SIGH

With all of this excitement, and given the fact that DH won the coin toss re. viewing choices last evening at 9:00 pm (Hustle on CBC - not bad but a bit precious. Seeing Robert Vaughn is, however, worth the price of admisssion) I must confess that I did not watch the new episode of CI although it is patiently awaiting me on the DVR. For those who saw it - was it good?


PS for those interested in scary vintage knits, check out The Museum of Kitschy Stitches (under the links section) for some truly weird photos. Here's a fabulous ski mask!


Sarah said...

Nice sock, congrats! (I'm sure the needle was honored to give itself to such a good cause.)

Given my intense fear of clowns, that ski-mask just about gave me a heart attack. :P

Also, you didn't miss a thing, there was no new LOCI last night, it was a rerun (Siren Call). I believe the next new episode isn't until the 27th.

Kristina said...

Oh - I thought last night was the new episode! Thanks for that! The TV guide I look at (from the local newspaper) is rather confusing as they highlighted last night's episode under the "what to watch tonight" section and I knew there was a new one coming up... so I automatically assumed it was the new one. You know what they say about "assuming" though.

Re. fear of clowns: funny you mention it - I sent this around to my workgroup Emails as well - 3 people mentioned fear of clowns and I think one was honestly quite freaked out! ;( I felt badly. Hadn't thought of that! (others, on the other hand, found it quite hilarious. Should have given this as the example on your survey, perhaps!).

Miss Me said...

Your sock looks lovely! What yarn did you use? Mmmm... Robert Vaughn... He'll always be Napoleon Solo to me.

Kristina said...

Hi miss me:

the yarn is the sock washable merino by Fleece Artist (available for sure in Canada, not sure about US). Check out their website at www.fleeceartist.com.

And Robert Vaughn - I agree with you. However, it's cool to see him on this. Kind of a homage to the other role.

Kristina said...


Mari said...

Dear heavens Kristina, it's so much worse with repeated viewings (the ski mask from hell, that is!) If you gave that to anyone it would be a marvelous way to end the relationship...

Kristina said...

Hi Mari:

yes, wouldn't it? Scarily enough, an old boss who got the Email I sent around about it and who works upstairs from me had sent me a response saying she wanted one. Obviously I thought she was joking. She dropped by to visit me today - and she was entirely serious! She offered to pay me to make one. I told her I knew how much she made and she couldn't afford what I would have to charge to knit one of these, given that the price would have to include at least a year of intensive therapy after the fact..!!

And this is a little girl modelling it. She must have been scarred for life. SIGH.