29 March 2007

Hi my name is Sonya and I will watch all

reruns of any of the Law and Orders. I started with the original and I third the comment of how great Jerry Orbach was. I don't catch CI or the original every week but I try to never miss SVU. I love Christopher Meloni. I don't think there is one cast member I don't like. They have the greatest guest stars. Oh ya, I have an Olivia and an Elliot.


Kristina said...

Hi Sonya:

great to meet you! Christopher Meloni is my favourite on SVU although I don't watch it as much as I once did.

What crafts are you into?



Miss Me said...

i know that this is v. geeky, but munsch is probably my favourite character on svu. weird, eh? but then i loved him on homicide: life on the street as well... i especially loved the exchanges between him and briscoe regarding munsch's ex-wife who lennie had dated.

Kristina said...

I really like Munch as well. ;-)

Rhonda said...

I just commented in the wrong spot - LOL! So, Miss Me, if you're confused as to who I am, that would explain it ;) Sonya - thx for the visit and as for shows, I never miss Young & The Restless. My mom started me on it at its inception. Happy blogging!