19 March 2007

finished objects!

Greetings all:

just thought I'd post some photos of my latest creations:

1. Moderne scarf (based on the Moderne blanket pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting)

2. my first pair of socks! (and after I do some entrelac ones, because I'm a masochist, probably my last. Too many dropped stitches!).

If you're interested in more specific info (yarn used, etc) check out my blog at http://knitwitsvengeance.blogspot.com).




Mari said...

These socks are brilliant Tina! Dropped stitches or not, come on be honest, you're not tempted to do another pair because these look so good? Love varigated wool, and they don't look bulky at all, I'll check your materials list, this looks like a good project for taking with me places...

Kristina said...

Hi Mari:

Thanks for the feedback! Being a type-A person I have already bought the yarn for another pair of socks... also on the blog (the entrelac ones). Talk about masochism!

This yarn, however, was great to work with although expensive. It is the Fleece Artist sock merino. The knit is quit fine. It would be a good project to take places with you as well.

Kristina said...

PS Mari: you can check out the yarn selection at www.fleeceartist.com. They have a sea silk blend which is also fabulous. I realised the entrelac sock pattern is not on the blog: but see http://www.interweaveknits.com/preview/2007_spring.asp (top picture).

Now - does anyone think I can knit these and still pay attention to LOCI? I don't know myself... but will give it the old college try.

Kristina said...
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Miss Me said...

i'm with mari - the socks look fabulous! about fleece artist yarns - the pricing of this yarn seems to vary significantly between retailers. why? who the heck knows! and of course you can do the entrelac socks!!! they are beautiful, aren't they? if you haven't done entrelac before, you may not want to jump right into knitting them while watching tv, but once you done the foundation row and the first real row, you'll be surprised how easy it is.

Kristina said...

Hi miss me: I did do an entrelac sweater one time, with cable knit panels (I tend to jump in with both feet and little/no swimming ability). Unfortunately, it was gifted to a partner who shortly thereafter became an ex (by mutual initiative) - I really should have asked for it back. I do not have a photo to show. It probably wouldn't show too much anyway because I decided to do it with a deep blue lopi wool - beautiful to look at but not great to show off the cables!

So, I more or less know what I'm doing re. the entrelac.

Re. Fleece Artist - I'm not sure why the prices change so much! I go to three different yarn stores here and the prices can vary for the same product by $5 cdn or even $10 cdn, which is significant. Never noticed if you can order directly from the website or not. I sometimes manage to get some from a LYS on sale but this is rare. I have made two afghans/throws out of Fleece Artist yarn kits which are on my blog - wildly expensive but worth it after the fact. I just love their colour ranges and the textures of most of their products.