17 April 2007

Hello??? Is there anybody out there?

Okay guys, I've been immersed in French Language Training (the woes of being a Canadian federal civil servant), so that explains me (well kind of...), but where did everybody else go?


Mari said...

Sorry Miss Me, I think everyone has been caught up in real life! I was hunting (with success-finally) for the camera, so I can torment you with my stitchery! How did you enjoy your class?

Miss Me said...

i enjoyed the class, but i am glad that it's over! real life??? whatcha talking about? kidding... great episode of ci last night - the astronauts. i love bobby goran... type a... angry... hilarious!

Mari said...

That exchange with Ross, and the 'Do you think I'm angry?' to Alex....priceless!
I am working on my photo skills to post a couple of my works in progress, Miss Me, so you may be happy it was quiet!
I am working up the courage to tackle my sailcloth project...terror fills me!
Our webmistress was under the weather, then under a pile of work, she will be back asap!

Rhonda said...

I like the short & sweet posts. This one is funny, so I had to comment. I too feel like this sometimes! Thx for the visit :)